Technical Assessment 

  • Inspection Of Computing Environment:
    • Network wiring implemented
    • Server and workstation HVAC operating environment
    • Physical security server and network backbone
    • Electrical power management
    • Server and workstations configurations + maintenance

  • Assess Disaster Recovery Provisions:
    • System backups 
    • Offsite data migration
    • Data recovery and documented procedures
    • Fault tolerant implementation of critical hardware

  • Evaluate Internet Connectivity And Security:
    • Fire wall implementation
    • Virus and spyware protection
    • E-mail spam and malware protection
    • Remote access and VPN implementation 

  • Interview key employees to discuss any open issues

  • Review Technology Use - Policies and Procedures 

  • Compile our proposal to correct any immediate issues along with a long term support contract taillored to keep your organization's technology platform running smoothly. 



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Free Technical Assessment  

We provide up to 4 hours of onsite exploratory consulting at no charge for qualified prospective clients. We know you will need to trust that our firm can identify system issues and provide budgetary estimates before you can entrust us to administer your systems.  So we offer our initial assessment service and proposal efforts at no charge. Below is a summary of the tasks we will perform.