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24 / 7 Service Level Agreement

Smaller organizations with less than 100 employees don't need full time employees supporting their networked computers every day.  A well designed, implemented, and maintained network designed to service up to 100 employees can easily be administered with one of S.G.C.'s Service Level Agreement contracts.  We offer support services that guarantee a timely response to any emergency issue within 4 hours with boots on the ground 

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support at your site within 8 hours. In practice our history demonstrates that we respond in less than one hour.

Our hourly labor rates without a 24 / 7 support contract top out at $155 per hour.  With our 24 / 7 Service Level Agreement contract we discount the hourly labor rates you pay in conjunction with the amount of services your firm commits to use over the next 12 months. We provide contract commitment levels as low as $3,000 up to $48,000. In fact your organization can enjoy hourly labor rates as low as $70 per hour.